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Elizabeth M.

Hermann gave me a therapeutic massage, it was incredible. He has hands that are like heat seeking missiles and can zero in on the spaces in my body that needed the most attention. I left feeling completely relaxed and my body feels like butter! thank you Hermann, highly recommend.

Claire M.

If you’re looking for a massage Hermann Hans is the man! One of the best massages I’ve ever had. Seriously considering replacing my chiropractor’s appointments and switch to him.

Sophie V.

My lower back and right leg (top to bottom) have been hurting constantly lately due to a lot of driving. I decided to get a one-hour deep-tissue massage. It was simply amazing. I didn’t feel any pain at all for several days after that.
Hermann was very attentive to my pain and body. He thought a lot about the best ways to help and was very careful and respectful. It’s not easy to get a massage with someone you don’t know. I felt pretty vulnerable but he put me at ease and made sure regularly that all was good. I highly recommend Hermann.

Hailey T.

Most massages I have had have been good but rarely if ever exceptional, especially on a whim booking. From the first touch to the last of my brief half hour massage, I was in awe of Hermann’s amazing gift. He was completely in-tune with my body and put all his strength and effort into it. He is not an ordinary masseuse and belongs somewhere that will highlight his talent more. I only wish I had booked more than thirty minutes. You will not be disappointed!

Kahu K.

I travel all of the Pacific Islands as well as China and the USA as a Kahuna and I can testify that HERMANN HANS is in the top 3 therapists that I have met in my life. He is intuitive, confident, courteous, and calming. After a brief light touch assessment, he correctly identified the top things that needed attention in my body work. Amazingly, he was able to correct them. I completely recommend HERMANN HANS for any amount of body work. I think that a 90 min massage for only $120 which can relax, rejuvenate and correct body issues is a remarkable price. And as a traveling healer, PLEASE THINK ABOUT TIPPING BASED ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT IT WAS WORTH!

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